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Japanese brown rice "Akebono" 5kg | From Tokushima Prefecture|Akira Kimura's natural cultivation method [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free]

Japanese brown rice "Akebono" 5kg | From Tokushima Prefecture|Akira Kimura's natural cultivation method [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free]

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Tokushima prefecture brown rice cultivated without any pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. The stiffness is strong and it is responsive, the balance between stickiness and hardness is outstanding, and you can feel the taste that is a bit different from other rice. Rice cultivated by the sun, earth and water, which is attracting attention for farming without pesticides and chemical fertilizers is very rare.

What is Kimura -style natural cultivation born from the Miracle Apple?

The beginning is from Akinori Kimura, who runs an apple farm in Aomori Prefecture. After the family was ill due to the influence of pesticides, he challenged apple cultivation with the natural farming method written by Masanobu Fukuoka. Akinori Kimura succeeded in cultivating apples without using the world's first pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides over a long period of about 10 years. The apple raised after overcoming the difficulties and difficulties is called the "miracle apple". Akira Kimura's natural cultivation is the cultivation method that makes the most of the natural power that does not use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides that make use of that experience.

Secret of deliciousness

rice that is indispensable for daily meals. Everyone wants an important family to eat safe and delicious rice. Naturally grown rice has a lower yield than comparative cultivation, but it can produce rice that is safe and secure and packed with flavor and nutrition.

This natural cultivation rice is cultivated in a country of the agricultural god "Ozetsuhime" and a rice field located in the plains in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture. This area is the secret of the deliciousness of the pure spring water flowing out of the surrounding mountains.

Akebono is suitable for natural cultivation, which has "Asahi" and "Agriculture and Forestry No. 12" to parents. Currently, it is a very popular variety of Tokushima Prefecture's encouragement varieties. The taste of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides is grown with pure spring water. "Brown rice was so delicious" with confidence.

The old -fashioned real taste

Brown rice without pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides can be enjoyed with no worry about residual pesticides. The blessings of the sun, the earth and the water that can only be enjoyed because it is naturally grown rice. It is a delicious taste that directly feels the blessing of nature that is not found in white rice.

And brown rice is attractive. Compared to white rice, dietary fiber is 10 times, vitamin B1 is more than 10 times more than 1.5 to twice or more for potassium, iron, vitamin E, folic acid, and calcium.

Nutritious brown rice, but it may be bad for the body. In fact, it is not unusual for pesticides to be condensed in the bran part, and it is not unusual to take it without knowing it. When purchasing brown rice, try to choose something without pesticides.

Product details

Name: Brown rice
Production area: Tokushima Prefecture
Grape Variety: Akebono
Year of production: 2021
Percentage of brown rice: 100%
Content: 5kg

This is brown rice.

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