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Organic Sencha Premium Japanese Green Tea 100g | Produced in Shizuoka Prefecture [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free]

Organic Sencha Premium Japanese Green Tea 100g | Produced in Shizuoka Prefecture [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free]

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Rare sencha with natural power as it is

A naturally cultivated saucer with a strong natural power grown with pesticide -free and fertilizer in a spectacular tea field overlooking Mt. Fuji. This tea leaves of Sencha have been grown for more than 15 years in a tea plantation that does not use pesticides, fertilizers, chemical synthetic materials, and microbial materials. It is said that the tea leaves that are organically grown in Japan are as small as 2-3 % of the nationwide production, and the tea leaves grown naturally are less than 1 % of the 2-3 % of organic tea. increase. For this reason, it is very rare because there is almost no distribution of green tea made in Japan and naturally grown. It is a tea that takes advantage of the blessings of nature, enriches the soil, grows tea leaves while protecting the balance of the ecosystem, and connects nature and people who value the coexistence between people and nature.

"Tea Garden in the Sky" in Shizuoka Prefecture. Features of Ogose Tea Garden

There is a tea garden where you can see the superb view of Mt. This tea plantation has more than eight places in total, and it is a refreshing place where you can get a mystery and power and energy as soon as you step on the soil. Mr. Ikukoshi, a producer, manages such a tea plantation alone, does not add any extra hands, and faces the tea leaves every day from the standpoint that people are renting a place from nature and the earth. Because it is surrounded by nature, pesticides do not fly from around, and tea leaves are cultivated without chemical synthetic materials and microorganisms in a tea plantation with a strong energy of the earth, without using pesticide -free, fertilizer, and weeding. increase. Producer Ikukoshi is a tea without having a computer or smartphone. Tea cultivation has a considerable commitment and does not allow any compromise. Every day, go to the tea plantation is to pick the weeds by hand. The expression, "It's best to be in a tea plantation," conveys a lively daily life that faces tea straight. I am working hard to make tea today to grow delicious tea leaves, as if it were as good as beast damage such as boar that destroyed the tea plantation.


Recommended way to drink

Japanese sweets, rice crackers, sushi, etc. are also excellent. The point is to use hot water that cools the temperature from 70 to 80 degrees after boiling the freshly pumped water. Pour hot water into a teapot and cup, warm the bowl in advance and discard the hot water.

Tea leaf amount is a teaspoon one cup of hot water for about 150ml 1 minute, and it's done! If you pour up to the last drop, it will be delicious.

When you want to take a break or when you are tired, you can relax with a clean taste and a refreshing scent. On a hot day, spending time and draining it will bring out more sweetness.

Product details

Name: Sencha
Ingredients: green tea (natural cultivation)
Contents: 100g
Best-before date: December 31, 2022
Notes: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful about the scent.
Freshness is important.
Please drink as soon as possible after opening.

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