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Organic Premium Japanese Black Tea 100g|Produced in Shizuoka Prefecture [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free] [Free Shipping]

Organic Premium Japanese Black Tea 100g|Produced in Shizuoka Prefecture [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free] [Free Shipping]

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Rare organic Japanese black tea

A naturally cultivated tea with a strong natural power grown with pesticide -free and fertilizer in a superb in a spectacular tea field overlooking Mt. Fuji. This Japanese tea leaves have been raised for more than 15 years in tea fields that do not use pesticides, fertilizers, chemical synthetic materials, and microbial materials. It is said that the tea leaves that are organically grown in Japan are as small as 2-3 % of the nationwide production, and the tea leaves grown naturally are less than 1 % of the 2-3 % of organic tea. increase. For this reason, tea made in Japan is very valuable and naturally cultivated tea is very rare. It is a tea that takes advantage of the blessings of nature, enriches the soil, grows tea leaves while protecting the balance of the ecosystem, and connects nature and people who value the coexistence between people and nature. Japanese tea full of the blessings of "earth, air, water" nature. Drinking a wild and strong vitality will allow you to get easy and healthy energy. Pure tea that is straightforward air, pure water, and the energy of the earth is naturally connected to people. Tea for Japanese created by Japanese. Please experience the sweet and rich flavor of tea cultivated naturally in Japan.

The "Tea Garden in the Sky" in Shizuoka Prefecture. About Ogose Tea Garden

Ogose Tea Garden is located in the mountains of Shizuoka Prefecture, with a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, surrounded by nature, strong energy of the earth, clean air, and pure water. There are more than eight tea fields in total, and the moment you step on the soil, you will feel a sense of wonder, power, and energy from this refreshing place. Mr. Ikue, the tea farmer, manages the tea fields by himself and does not add any extra hands to the fields. Surrounded by nature, there are no pesticides flying in from the surroundings, and the tea leaves are grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or weeding, without using chemical synthetic materials or microorganisms in the tea fields where the energy of the earth is strong. Mr. Ikue, the producer, is dedicated to tea without a computer or smartphone. He is very particular about the cultivation of tea and does not allow any compromise. Every day, he goes to the tea fields to "pick weeds by hand. The expression on his face, "I like best when I am in the tea fields," conveys the lively daily life that he leads as he faces the tea industry. He is working hard today to grow delicious tea leaves, despite the damage caused by wild boars and other animals that destroy the tea fields. おごせさんと茶畑

The original taste of "Japanese black tea" with natural flavor and richness

Japanese black tea with a subtle sweetness and natural flavor. This Japanese black tea has a fresh, refreshing, rich aroma with little bitterness, harshness, or astringency, and a slightly sweet and refreshing taste. You can enjoy the relaxing taste of this Japanese black tea made from tea leaves produced in Japan without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. It has a gentle, refreshing taste that goes down smoothly and is easy to drink. If you are used to ordinary tea, some people may feel that it lacks richness. In fact, in most cases, this "richness" is an artificial flavor added by sprinkling amino acids. The reason why people think the artificial taste is better is because they do not know the natural taste of Japanese black tea. Is it too much to say that "our taste buds have been educated incorrectly"? This Japanese black tea offers the true taste of "tea". It is rich in sugar content, antioxidants, and vitamin C. It is also characterized by its low nitrate ion content, which is said to be a source of carcinogens.

"Japanese tea" that contains natural flavor and richness

Natural flavor that suits not only cakes and cookies but also Japanese sweets. The point is to use 100 degrees hot water that boils freshly pumped water. Pour hot water, warm the pot and cup, and discard the hot water. The amount of tea leaves is one teaspoon, the amount of hot water is 150ml, and if you steam for about 3 minutes, it is ready! If you pour up to the last drop, it will be delicious.
You can relax with a clean taste and a refreshing scent. On a hot day, it is recommended to spend time and water out. The sweetness is brought out. Because there is no bitterness and astringency, children can drink it.

Product details

Name: Japanese black tea
Raw ingredients: fermented tea (natural cultivation)
Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture : Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Freshness is important for tea. Please drink as soon as possible after opening.

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