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Organic Kamikatsu Bancha Japanese Green Tea 5 tea bags|from Tokushima Prefecture [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free] |Riteaa

Organic Kamikatsu Bancha Japanese Green Tea 5 tea bags|from Tokushima Prefecture [Pesticide-Free & Fertilizer-Free] |Riteaa

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What is the Uchikatsu and evening tea designated as an important intangible folk cultural property of the country?

Japan's first zero -waiting town, which is known as a sustainable town, Katsuura -gun, Tokushima Prefecture, has been inherited by a manufacturing method that has been inherited for more than 800 years, is rare in the world in the world. It is a post -fermented tea made by letting it.

Unlike improper fermented tea such as Japanese tea and bancha, there is a feature that adds heat treatment to prevent the oxidation fermentation of tea leaves, and then immersed and promotes new lactic acid fermentation. I have. The manufacturing process is the same for all producers, but the boiling time of the tea leaves, the period to pickle, and the lactic acid bacteria living in the warehouse and tub vary depending on each producer, so the taste finish is slightly different for each producer. It is one of the charms of Katsukatsu Tea.

In recent years, it has been shouted that there is a crisis of disappearance due to a shortage of successors, and Katsuyuni tea is very rare. Due to its high level, it is the first time in the field of tea as an important intangible folk cultural property of the country.

Katsuyuni tea made by Narumi Abe of NARUMI FARM

After returning from New York, Narumi Abe, who moved to Kamikatsu -cho and launched NARUMI FARM alone in December 2015, is one of the few young farmers who think based on the natural naturally powerful soil. While incorporating traditional farming methods inherited in Kamikatsu -cho, we are working on agriculture every day with the desire to feel the natural taste and natural power itself.

Katsuyuni Tea will consist of tea picking, boiled tea, tea grinding, pickled, tea drying, and selection. Tea leaves, which are the raw materials, are 100 % of the vast fields that are used for a vast field that can only be used because of the strong natural power. After boiling the picked tea leaves in the kettle, then scratched the tea leaves to promote fermentation, scratched the surface of the tea leaves, and then fermented the pickled tea leaves. After removing the pickled tea leaves, drying the sun, sorted by hand and completed.

When drying the sun, he says he is worried all day without eating rice in a sudden rain. "It's a real life that living together with a tea tree that grows naturally in the mountains without pesticides," I feel strongly at the thoughts of Mr. Abe, who lives with nature. Please enjoy the NARUMI FARM's personality and Abe -san's thoughts.

Drinking the supernatural power condensed every day to be healthy

Organically grown tea leaves in Japan are as small as 2-3 % of nationwide production, and the tea leaves grown naturally are less than 1 % of organic tea 2-3 %. It is said. Therefore, it is very rare because the tea made by natural cultivation is hardly distributed. Of course, 100 % of the tea leaves made with natural power are used for the Uchikatsu Tea that I introduced.

Katsuyuni Tea is a gentle taste that has a clear mountain brewing color and has a pale mountain taste. It is perfect for when you want to take a break, accompaniment during meals, hospitality and gifts for close people. The caffeine content is low, and I love drinking from infants to pregnant women, elderly people and a wide range of generations.

In addition, research has been advanced at universities and other events, and many benefits such as intestinal action and alleviation of hay fever symptoms have been announced, and we expect daily health. Katsu -night tea is attracting attention because many media, such as clinics where you can find your physician, can expect health effects in many media, such as TV.

Product details

Name: Uchikatsu night tea
Raw material: Green tea (natural cultivation)
Production: Tokushima Prefecture
Contents: 5g x 5 Individual
Manufacturer: 106-1 Oaza, Oaza Water Water 106-1, Tokushima Prefecture

Tea back is made of 100 % organic cotton material.

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